All the features of DeskNotifier


What's DeskNotifier?


DeskNotifier forwards all the Notifications from your Android phone to your PC. This is very useful if you spend much time on your PC and don't want to check your phone every time it vibrates.

Why DeskNotifier Pro?


Free Pro
Preis 0,00$ 0,99$
Send Notifications to PC X X
Send SMS from PC X X
Connection Via Wifi and USB X X
Filter wich notifications are shown X
Connect to your PC from the Phone
(No IP needed)
Connection Password protected X
Send Files from your PC to your Phone X
Send Files from your Phone to your PC
(From share menu in Android)
Send current Webpage from Android Browser to PC Browser
(From share menu in Android)
Updates X
Download Here Here

Which notifications are shown?


DeskNotifier shows all the notifications from the Android system and from all your third party Apps.
Here are some examples:

Generally DeskNotifier works with all kinds of third party apps.
If there's a problem with your favorite app, please report it in the contact section! Thank you!

Where can I download DeskNotifier?


You can find the App and the PC software on our download page!

Why all the permissions?


You need to activate DeskNotifier in your accessibility settings. We won't read your passwords or anything like that.